Soft Tissue Surgery

At Animal Medical Center we provide surgical procedures for your pet. We perform routine surgeries such as spays, neuters, and declaws to more advanced procedures such as enterotomies or gastrotomies for foreign body removal, c-sections, lump removals, and cystotomies for bladder stone removal. We also perform ear cropping and tail docking for those particular breeds where that is the preferred appearance.

We monitor our surgical patients with the most advanced methods measuring blood pressure, CO2 level, and oxygenation of the blood, heart rate, and temperature. We also place an IV catheter in most of our surgery patients to have access to their vein and to support them with fluids intraoperatively. Most procedures are discharged the same day of surgery, that afternoon.


Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is used to make incisions and also to erase unhealthy tissue. Traditional surgery, with a scalpel or scissors, can bruise or crush tissue. A CO2 laser minimizes pain, swelling, and bleeding.

A CO2 laser can perform a wide variety of surgical procedures on cats and dogs and other animals. The most known procedure, feline declawing, is one of the many surgical procedures that have marked benefits from using the CO2 laser over traditional surgery. We will be using the CO2 laser for most of our surgical procedures. Animal Medical Center of Brooksville is proud to offer Laser surgery for our patients.