Dr. Marks attended the Florida Veterinary Medical Association annual conference with his son, Ian, who has been a veterinarian for two years, and Dr. Steve Lewis, a vet school classmate. They all agreed that despite the concerns about the Corona Virus, this was an excellent continuing education program. Dr. Marks attended sessions on heart disease, […]


Dr. Karen Taylor started with building A. She has expanded the clinic to offer more space for clients and patients. Building A is now being remodeled; starting with the front desk area. New bookshelf for charts to be filed. Cabinet space underneath to help with storage.   The front desk is revamped with matching counter […]

New Orleans

Annual staff trip number three. Mardi Gras 2020 weekend in New Orleans, LA. This trip both Dr. Taylor and Dr. Marks were able to attend. Which offered bonding time and relaxation. Mardi Gras is a wonderful event to visit and the city is beautiful, full of history. Most of the staff flew in Friday morning; […]

Animal Medical Center of Brooksville staff enjoyed another successful year at the Veterinary Meeting and Expo (formally NAVC). This year three staff members, Amanda B., Shelley S., Victoria R., had the opportunity to visit the conference for the first time. VMX offers our staff a chance to learn and grow within our company as well […]

For Christmas this year we spent bonding time together with one another and families at Disney Magic Kingdom. From roller coasters to kiddie rides; there was something for everyone. Animal Medical Center of Brooksville blessed employees by giving them a day to enjoy at the most magical place for the annual Christmas present. For some, […]

Rural Animal Veterinary Services

Dr. Karen Taylor traveled to the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation in the white river area of Arizona June 1-June 8, 2019. She participated in a clinic funded by the Humane Society that offers free veterinary service to the citizens of the community. There were thirty veterinary students, selected veterinarians, four staff certified veterinary technicians, […]

Las Vegas 2019

“The best Christmas gift from anyone. Thank you very much Dr. Taylor.” -Krissy  As a Christmas gift to the staff, Dr. Taylor took a few members to Las Vegas, Nevada. They enjoyed sightseeing, hiking, and a few new restaurants. Their plans started with walking the Las Vegas Strip, having lunch at the Wahlburger, and visiting […]

Six staff members joined the 2019 North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando, Florida. Attendees were Krissy, Megann, Arianna, Tiffany, Tracy, and Andrea. They learned about new products and equipment offered in the veterinarian field. A few of the staff sat for a lecture on CBD oil for pain management. There they learned the benefits of […]

Animal Medical Center of Brooksville is excited to announce the recent purchase of a CO2 Surgery Laser.

Dr. Taylor-Sorensen was selected to be on the Mission Rabies Team. Mission Rabies is an international organization that vaccinates dogs in Africa and India trying to reduce the human exposure to rabies. The trip that she was selected for will vaccinate dogs in Malawi. The goal is to vaccinate 35,000 dogs during four weeks, two […]