“Imagine for a second that your everyday living was dependant on the abilities of your pet. Well, that’s kind of how life is when you use a guide dog or service animal. The bond that grows between you and your dog can be as strong as that of a child or your best friend.

Then imagine that best friend, that child, that service animal, is confronted with a deadly disease. You are faced with the possible loss of your independence and your best friend. It is truly devastating. This is what I faced with my guide dog, Upton.

Upton wasn’t just a guide dog but an educator. He would go with me to schools and teach guide dog awareness. He was a superhero. He was the one who carried me away from dangerous situations such as a smoke-filled charter bus and out of the path of a rattlesnake. He was also my main hook-up for my daily supply of Diet Coke. He was able to identify the Diet Coke label. He was also my right-hand man in helping me with the 99 foster and non-relative placement children who have gone through my house.

Recently, Upton developed terminal cancer. He needed emergency surgery to prolong his life and required a doctor’s care every other day to check the progress of the disease. I told the veterinarian I had only $200.00 and asked if I could make out a payment plan, and she kindly agreed. The surgery and all of the post-surgery care came to a stunning $248.00.

Dr. Karen Taylor-Sorensen and her staff are true angels. When we knew that is was hopeless and that Upton would not survive, she made his passing peaceful, gentle and quiet.

When there is a tragedy, we hope and look for angels. I believe that this veterinarian and her staff were the angels put here in my time of need.”

David Bearden

“We are always trying to find someone to help in our time of need.  I found that someone.  Her name is Dr. Karen Taylor-Sorensen of Animal Medical Center of Brooksville.”

“She is compassionate, dedicated, experienced and shows love for animals.  I think people need to know who they can trust and have faith in.  Dr. Taylor-Sorensen stood by my side through the illnesses of my two dogs all the way to the end.

She went over and above the call of duty and helped me get through the worse time of my life. With the help of Dr. Taylor-Sorensen I was able to have both my dogs in my life for over fifteen years.

Dr. Taylor-Sorensen, I thank you for allowing me to share my heart with my beloved Jesse and Midy.”


“I am a 70-year-old woman.  I have 14 dogs.  To me they are my babies and my life.  Through the years I have been to several veterinarians.  I have finally found one that not only cares about my babies, but also has helped me get through the loss of 3 of them.  She has also saved 2 of my babies.  One had heartworm and one had a very bad infection because I never had her spayed.

They are alive and well because of Dr. Karen Taylor-Sorensen.  She is a veterinarian that not only cares about our pets but also cares about the owners too.  She never hurries me, she treats my babies like they were her own.

It has taken me years to find a veterinarian that I trust to care of my babies.  I wish I had found her years ago.  From the first day I knew I could trust her with my babies, I knew she was a kind heart.  And that is what all of us with pets look for in a veterinarian.

She truly cares.  And her prices are very reasonable.  Also she has a wonderful staff.

Thank you Dr. Karen Taylor-Sorensen for coming to Brooksville. I wish you all the best in the future.”


“I have been a breeder and exhibitor of show dogs for over 35 years.  As such, I have had occasion to visit veterinarian hospitals in several areas of New York and in Florida where I now reside.  The Animal Medical Center is among the best, if not the best of these.

Dr. Taylor-Sorensen is extremely knowledgeable and on the rare occasions that a problem is extremely complex, does not hesitate to seek outside consultation.  The staff are friendly and accommodating and the hospital as clean as I have ever seen.  I have no hesitation in recommending this facility.”

Charles (Chuck) E. Woods

“We couldn’t be happier with Dr. Taylor-Sorensen and Animal Medical Center of Brooksville! Dr. Taylor-Sorensen is an excellent Vet and always does more than expected to research any issues you may have with your pet’s health. She and her staff are very caring, compassionate and love what they do. We feel so lucky to have AMC to care for our animals and would highly recommend you visit Animal Medical Center for your pet’s care!”