Treatment Options

Animal Medical Center of Brooksville now has a state of the art, ultrasonic scaler. The unit, a Midmark VetPro 1000, has a two-speed drill for extractions, water, lights, and air for the ability to scale, clean and dry the mouth. It also has a polisher for helping maintain a smooth surface after scaling. Oral health […]

Animal Medical Center of Brooksville has updated their digital radiology processor with a state of the art CR-I Vision IDEXX Digital Processor.  Our X-Ray images are amazingly sharp and clear. Next time you are at the clinic, ask a staff member to show you the x-ray of Dr. Taylor-Sorensen’s goldfish.  It’s awesome!!!

Current products available at Animal Medical Center of Brooksville for heartworm prevention, flea control and multiuse products offering cross-protection for heartworms, fleas, intestinal worms and various other forms of protection. While there are many products available nationwide, we have selected products we feel are superior in each of their respective categories to offer to our […]

An annual physical exam as well as a current heartworm test will be required on all dogs to purchase heartworm medication.  Cats will need to have a physical exam only. The reasons for implementing this policy: There is a risk that your pet can have a life threatening reaction if heartworm prevention is given to […]

Heartworm disease is caused by the growth of a worm transmitted by mosquitoes.  There are four stages in the development of an adult heartworm; microfilariae, larva, juvenile worm, adult worm.   It takes approximately 6 months for the adult worm to develop. The adult heartworm can live up to 7 years.  They live in the right […]