VMX 2020

Animal Medical Center of Brooksville staff enjoyed another successful year at the Veterinary Meeting and Expo (formally NAVC). This year three staff members, Amanda B., Shelley S., Victoria R., had the opportunity to visit the conference for the first time. VMX offers our staff a chance to learn and grow within our company as well as the veterinary field. We all sat in lectures that not only grasped our attention but also offered knowledge based on our positions within the clinic. Megann listened in about dental procedures, different techniques for extractions. Shelley got insight on pain medications and how they are used. Victoria and Amanda both enjoyed a lecture by Temple Grandin. Tiffany gathered more information on CBD oil and the benefits in medicine. Krissy was able to focus this year on management lectures. And Tracy learned about different animal behaviors, they signs they show humans when in fear, happy, etc.

Each year VMX gives the employees a chance to bond outside of work.