Off Site Veterinary Reference Laboratory

Our hospital primarily uses the Idexx Veterinary Reference for our comprehensive and in-depth testing. To name a few, they perform comprehensive CBC’s, complete chemistries with electrolytes and urinalysis. these can be designated as wellness panels: young wellness, adult wellness, or senior wellness. The early detection of problems can often help to prevent progression of the disease entity with medical management. As your pet ages blood testing becomes more comprehensive. There are test that are organ specific; liver (Bile acids), kidney (SDMA), pancreas (cPLI, fPLI), heart (ProBNP), adrenal (Dexamethasine Suppression or ACTH Stimulation). They offer parasite testing for intestinal parasites, heartworms, tick diseases (lymes, anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis). Additionally IDEXX offers an array of testing for endocrine disease – cushing’s, hypo and hyperthyroidism, Addison’s disease. IDEXX has pathologists that evaluate cytologies (slides) and histopathologies (tissue) looking at masses for cancer or other specific conditions that may need evaluated.

IDEXX is a national lab with courier service twice daily. Most testing has a 24 hour or less turnaround time. Specialized testing may have longer waiting times. We are proud to offer comprehensive testing for your every need.

We also utilize other reference labs through out the country when specialized testing is needed. An examples is that we submit our bladder stones to the University of Minnesota’s urolith lab for analysis of calculi. This helps us prevent recurrence of these stones by putting your pet on a specific diet. We are fortunate that we offer this testing at a nominal charge from a grant by the Hill’s company.