Digital Radiology


Digital radiology is the gold standard and is offered for x-rays of your pet at Animal Medical Center of Brooksville. Digital radiology offers superior images to conventional radiology. Images are available to be emailed to you – the owner, for your records, to specialty of referral hospitals, or even to a boarded cardiologist for interpretation and confirmation of findings.

We can take x-rays for various conditions or disease states as well as certifications (OFA, Penn Hip) and prepartum and postpartum to determine the size and number of puppies or kittens, if a c-section is needed, and if all puppies or kittens have been delivered.

In suspected gastrointestinal foreign body cases a dye can be placed in the stomach to see transit time; determining if if a suspected foreign body is present. This series is called a Barium Study and can aid in our diagnosis determining if surgery is warranted.