Health Certificates

Dr. Taylor and Dr. Marks are nationally accredited, allowing them to write health certificates for sale, interstate transportation, and international transportation.

Health Certificates for sale is a Florida Statue that states “Puppies for sale in the state of Florida, must be 8 weeks old age, have an official veterinary exam, and health certificate”. The health certificate requires the veterinarian to examine, vaccinate, test and deworm puppies and kittens for intestinal parasites; Dogs 6 months of age and older must be tested for heartworms and cats/kittens must also be tested for feline leukemia/feline AIDS. The health certificate is goof for 30 days. This helps to ensure that puppies and kittens are healthy at the time of sale. This not only helps protect the seller but also ensures the buyer obtains a healthy animal.

Interstate Health Certificates are for transportation of an animal between states within the United States, including transportation to Canada. They require a physical examination and current vaccinations.

International Health Certificates are for transportation outside the United States. Each country has specific requirements and endorsements. If you are planning on travelling or moving overseas, our staff canĀ help determine the requirements for your pet.