Medicine and Hospitalization

Animal Medical Center cares for your pet offering comprehensive diagnostics to evaluate the health of your pet.

Beginning with complete physical exams, additional diagnostic testing, and digital radiology; we can diagnose most illnesses that we see in our patients. If hospitalization of our patient is indicated, we offer IV fluids, monitoring with in-house bloodwork and urinalysis (Sedivue, CBC, Chemistry, electrolytes, PCV, TP. ACT, T4, cPLI parvo testing, feline leukemia, AIDS, and heartworm testing).


We have IV pumps to monitor the administration of our fluids. We have a short term oxygen chamber for patients requiring supplemental oxygen. We have blood donors if a transfusion is deemed necessary.

However, our more critical cases are referred to a 24 hours facility for observation around the clock.

Our nursing staff and doctors will take excellent care of your pet.