Florida can be a challenge to pets living in our climate. Pets can scratch and itch from fleas, ticks, allergies, and many other diseases.  We offer a complete line of flea and tick products. Prescription flea and tick products are typically the newest generation products and more effective than products hat can be purchased over the counter.

We also can perform a blood test (serology) to find out what your pet is allergic to; food allergies can also be a common problem of pets. We offer several hypoallergenic diets for your pet. We now have a group of medications that are immunomodulators that work on the itch pathway, blocking the cascade of mediators that induce itching. These drugs are safer than steroids and more effective than antihistamines. Seasonal allergies can be controlled well with these medications. We also offer an array of topical and systemic medications if we are dealing with secondary skin infections. We have a complete line of therapeutic shampoos and dips that maintain your pets coat in good health.

Diagnostic procedures offered in-house are: skin cytologies, skin scrapings, fungal testing, ear cytologies, and reference lab for culture and sensitivity of the skin and ears. For more severe harder to diagnose cases we offer skin biopsies to determine exactly what the problem or disease process is.

We would love to help you maintain your pet with a beautiful coat and healthy skin.