Penn Hip Certification

Hip Certification in Brooksville

Penn Hip is an advanced and accurate evaluation for canine hip dysplasia. Hip dysplasia can lead to osteoarthritis. Hip dysplasia is the laxity of the hip joint permitting subluxation. The subluxation causes wear of the cartilage surfaces of the joint and eventually leading to osteoarthritis. Hip dysplasia is heritable trait. Therefore, selection of breeding animals with better Penn Hip scores will promote offspring with better hips.

Penn Hip can also be used in pet owned dogs to access hip conformation and laxity. It can be performed in puppies as young as 16 weeks old. The results can aid to determine if early intervention can help or prevent the severity of canine hip dysplasia.

Veterinarians must take a course to be trained to proficiently perform Penn Hip Evaluation. It has been studied and shown to be a reliable method for evaluation of hip dysplasia.

What Happens During Penn Hip Certification

Three views will be taken while the pet is sedated. The views taken will be the hip extended view, the compression view, and the distraction views. The distraction view allows a measurement to be taken of the degree of subluxation. This subluxation is called the distraction index.

Why Use Penn Hip

  • Scientific information from multiple laboratories confirm it is superior

What Is Penn Hip

  • A diagnostic radiographic technique consisting of 3 radiographs
  • A network of trained veterinarians
  • A medical database for scientific analysis

What Is The Turn Around For Results

  • We usually have results in 3 to 5 business days

Why Is Penn Hip Better Than OFA

  • 80% of dogs evaluated by OFA as ‘Normal’ were found to have laxity by Penn Hip
  • OFA underestimates the susceptibility of dogs to osteoarthritis
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