Olen Allen


Olen Allen is a passionate antique aficionado with a heart as old as the treasures he finds. Olen was born and raised in Florida. He is always finding himself lost in the pages of a good book or conquering weights at the gym. Olen is a pianist of nostalgic melodies; playing for 20 years now. He is always accompanied by his three loyal pups and one sassy feline companion. Venturing from professional dog groomer to receptionist at Animal Medical Center of Brooksville, and ultimately opening his own grooming shop.

Merging to the vet field was a decision he made from his “gift of gab.” Olen Allen can talk with anyone about everything pet related. Bookwork has always been his forte because of how incredibly meticulous he is. He hung up his clippers and scissors and joined the team.

“I couldn’t be happier.” – Olen Allen