Jaysa Demitro

Veterinarian Technician Assistant

Jaysa is currently a high school student. She came to the clinic during her vet assisting program as a volunteer. From there Jaysa has been working as an assistant to the vet techs. Jaysa has lived in Brooksville her whole live – she is ready to graduate high school and start a new chapter elsewhere. Jaysa enjoys reading, the beach life, and hanging out with her friends. Her career goal is to work in finances or business; she enjoys math. After graduating from a Florida college, she plans to travel. Jaysa’s love of animals has always been there. She chose to join the vet assisting program at the high school. Being a DVM has been in the back of her mind,

Jaysa has two favorite animals – sloths and otters. She has 2 dogs and 1 cat. She has 2 older brothers as well.