Keirsten Randlett

Veterinarian Technician

Keirsten is a born and raised Brooksville resident. She enjoys homesteading, canning, and baking. She is happily married and owns a farm. Keirsten’s farm is home to 4 dogs (Niko, Buddy, Brutus, and Achilles), 3 cats (Foxy, Shadow, and Oscar), 30 chickens, 1 duck, and some cows. Keirsten loves helping the community by fostering pets as well. Her goal within the veterinary field is to become a DVM – specializing in Equine surgery and small animal.

What led Keirsten to the field was her big heart for animals. Her first job as a technician was in 2020 and her decision was made then to stay on this route.

“I’m lucky to have found a clinic where I’m absolutely happy.” – Keirsten Ingram