Paw of Fame — “Dash”

“Dash” was presented to the Animal Medical Center of Brooksville for generalized demodecosis (red mange, demodectic mange, hereditary mange) that was not responding to therapy given at another hospital.  Dash had open sores, swollen feet, and a secondary skin infection that was severe.  Dash’s owners were quite distraught and were contemplating euthanizing Dash.

Dash became a resident at Animal Medical Center of Brooksville for three weeks.  We bathed Dash daily, treated his infections with antibiotics, and treated his mange.  After three weeks Dash was playing and happy.  His sores were healing and his hair was growing back.

Two months after Dash left Animal Medical Center of Brooksville  he returned for a follow-up visit.  Dash’s hair had grown back, his skin was clear, and he was a happy and playful dog!

Dash is our first hero to be inducted into our Paw of Fame.